Unspeakable Sex Acts

Unspeakable Sex Acts

* New

* Dry Tortugas

Extorting The Shake
Bearded Morman
Turbo Plop

Hungarian Wing Suit
Postgame Hand Shake
Columbian Born Circus
Extinct Lizards

Trunk Dildos
Scorching Crawl Space
Pink Tractor
Pink Bottle
Travelling Dominator
Sauce Boat
Angry shurpa
North Pond Hermit

Papal Conclave
The Three Wheeled Tractor
The Salty Hog Pie
The Angry Donnie
The Harry Morgan
The Hatch Act
Dick Howser 
NJ Assemblyman
Italian Dive Team 
Memphis Dry Rub
Mexican Excuse
Pugazzle My Old Man Balls 
Three Eyed Halibut

Angry Smoker
The Caroline Schwitzky
South Dakota Gobbler

The Blood Mustache
The Harlem Democrat
  The Utah Facility

The Rabid Possum
  The Dry Moat

The German Aquarium
  The Sticky Fireball

The South Korean Space Explosion
  The Stuttering Knick

The Drunken Hazelwood
  The Pakastani Army Major
  The Moroccan Used Car
  The Islamic Lawyers Forum
  The Schlitz Vending Machine

The Altoona Fire Marshall
The White Boy 9 Holer

The Chinese Pipe Tariff
  The Novascoatia Supreme Court Worker
  The Nepalese Climber
The Mexican Cell Phone
The Barefoot Punter
The Corey Haim Pill Box
The Turkish Pop Singer

The Hairy Smith
  The North Carolina Cable Provider
  The Budget Lodge
  The Trunk Sushi
  The Mexican Tycoon
  The Coked Up Monkey
  The Cornhusker Kickback

The Australian Navy
  The Haitian Judge
  The Log Mansion
  The Trinity Node
  The Afghanistan Avalanche
  The Haitian Evans
  The Polar Express
  The Palin Brown Ticket
  The Sticky Gas Pedal
  The Rip Torn Mugshot

The Polish Prankster
  The Ram Trio
  The Brown Sofa
  The Brazilian Wandering Spider
  The Jong King Post
  The Space Walking Astronaut
  The Happy Jerry Springer
  The Polar Explorer
  The Russian Ka-Bob
  The Brown Pelican
  The Rhode Island Governor

The Brown Trout
  The Afghan Reporter
  The Great Pacific Trash Swirl
  The Munchkin Coroner
  The Dick Schaap
  The Methamphetamine Ring
  The Sleep Walking Romanian

The Mud Oven
The Nairobi Town Hall Meeting
The German Hibachi
The Amway Global

The Chain Of Spiros
The Stressed Out Farmer
The Fargo Driveway
The Red Headed Chimp
The Australian Shepherd
The Chili Dog Behind The Wheel
The Italian Chandelier

The Rusty Wallace
The Snow Monkey
The Chocolate Bullet
The Ruling Junta
The Grand Funk Railroad
The Canadian Butt Digging

The Rusty Brown
  The Colony Collapse Disorder
  The Asian Asshat

The Minnesota Mom
The Tweed Patch
  The Off Duty Dave
  The Italian Prime Minister
  The Menstrating Horse
  The Space Walking Astronaut
The Old Man Tee Box

The Dirty Brown Eagle
  The Southern Indiana Bachelor Party
  The Swimming Mexican
  The Bob Drawbaugh
  The Dragonball
  The Sandy Perry
  The Polish Politician
  The Husky Furlong
  The Lazy Dick
The Jamaican Hijacker

The Alabama Judge
The Bald Eagle
The Rain Swollen Red River
The Tunesian Pilot
The Waxed Tipped Bottle
The Holocaust Denying Bishop
The Hairy Turtle
  The Struggling Homeowner
The Horizontal Seat Rail
The Austrian Chemist
  The Brazilian Priest
  The Georgia Law Maker
The Denver Archbishop
The Dutch Lawmaker

The Denying Bishop
The European Software
The California Defendant
The Dirty Oprah
The Concrete Pagoda
The Rolling Furlough
The Lazy Legislature
The Dick Luger
The Alabama Con Man
The Government Mule
The Blind Irishman
The Virginia Halfway House
The Chinese Fishing Boat
The Dangling Gondola
The Albuquerque Pimp
The Overboard Christer
The Carol Browner
The Floating Tool Kit
The Indian Navy Warship
The Somalian Pirate
The Crystal Geyser
The $20.00 Bail Out
The Chinese Stimulus Package
The Wichita Toy Run
The Wichita Ballroom
The Retarded Schwarzenegger
The Inland Mongul
The Japanese Yeti
The Cheese Curl
The Pocket Fly Rod
The Crusty Nader
The Old Man Bush Mask
The Frail Centurion
The Memphis Judge
The Connecticut Post
The Duke Ellington Orchestra Trombonist
The San Diego Fire Man
The Illinois Warrant
Working The North Slope
The British Chocolate Maker
The Volunteer Cowboy
The Colorado Fifth Grader
The Golden Bickham
The Indian Train Robber
The Bus Stop Pan Handler
The Italian Raffle
The Mangled Donger
The Palin Nip Slip
The Idaho Russet
The Honolulu Advertiser
The Ass Judge
The Colorado Meat Packing Plant
The Lincoln Chafing
The Alaska Flying Moose
The Large Hard On Collider
The Armenian Money Train
The Rosy Fletcher
The Indiana Trucker
The Oregon Huracorn
The Chinese Juice Maker
The Texas Catheter
The Sandy Picker
Chinese Sound Guy
The Michigan Nurse
The Chinese Discus Thrower
The Croatian Rower
The Hong Kong Picnic Table
The Canadian Greyhound
The Melbourne Judge
The Ohio Mail Carrier
The Iowa Professor
The Stunt Diver
The Sensitive Skin Head
The Protesting Truck Driver
The Palmetto Scoop
The Phoenix Mars Landing
The Space Plumber
The Illinois Homeless Man
The Kenyan Long Distance Bone
The Scootin' Preacher
The Backyard Refinery
The Virginian Pilot
The Bearded Dragon
The Texas Sinkhole
The Guam Caucus
The Big Brown
The Honduran Prison Riot
The Chinese Train Wreck
The Roman Soldier
The Party Balloon Priest
The Alaskan Crab Boat
The Spanish Tuna Boat
The Flaming Lawnmower
The Butter-Dirt Brownie
The Vermont Air National Guard
The Baltimore High School Teacher
The Heavy Set Douchebag
The Skinny Trav
The Sacramento Cookie Party
The Tijuana Baby Arm
The Square Dancing Tractor
The Laotian Cutter
The Nebraska Butcher
The Voluntary Crucifixion
The Razor Gator
2 Space Walking Astronauts
The Backup Server
The Canadian Robot
The Bottlenose Dolphin
The Mexican Truck Program
The California Wolverine
The Japanese Laboratory
The Raping Moth
The Russian Fisherman
The Conneticut Freshman
The Virginia Drunk Driver
The Boston Manager
The Asian Father
The Oregon Mayor
The Indian Train
The Super Preacher
Dick Sanders
The Finnish Plan
The Mexican Cigarette Pack
The Minnesota Bar Owner
The Gooey Duck
The Georgia Iron Worker
The Technology Jones
The Mexican Style Horse Trip
The Tennessee Lawmaker
The Vicki Iceman
The Albuquerque House Fire
The Millionaire Popper
The Danish Flag
The French Bulldog
The Austrian Soldier
The Alaskan Drilling Rights
The Blood Wagon
The Italian Urologist
The Mercury Spider
The Bob Shoot Jr
The Mexican Flaming Banana
The Angry Nancy
The Kansas Rugburn
The Back Alley Blimp
The Filthy Republican
The Jean Felix Brown
The Cleveland Receptionist
The Filipino Monkey
The Stump Split
The Ditch Notch
The Hairy Morgan
The Jug Twitty
The Philadelphia Fund Raiser
The Mormon Corridor
The Ron Paul Surge
The German Minister
The Smuggling Tunnel
The Italian Priest
The Washington Lawmaker
The South Korean Quarry Worker
The Old Man Pill Cutter
The Buffalo Airport
The Stubbly Faced Bride
The 10 Dollar Cowboy
The Georgia Drought
The Disgruntled O.J.
The Hairy Bomb
The Fat Kelly
The Navy Training Bomb
The Fetus Sandwich
The Infected Nation
The Jewish Freshman
The American Destroyer
The Mangy Bear
The Flame Bucket
The Flame Dropper
The Harry Potter
The Mexican Cardinal
The Old Guy I-Pod
The Alabama Minister
The South African Miner
The Smiling Buckeye
The Husky Redhead
The 43 Yr Old Indonesian Worker
The Mormon Mullet
The Asian Flute
The Australian Burglar
The Alabama Grandma
The Crated Flamingo
The Blind Shake
The Venezuelan Coroner
The Brown Sanders
The Naked Danny De Vito
The Russian Mayor
The Mars Rover
The California Woodworker
The Poker Bracelet
The Western Haircut
The Monkey River
The Cuban Colon Scrape
The Dirty Martini
The Yogurt Tanker
The Dirty License Plate
The Maryland Fudge
The Muddy Mo
The Aztec Pyramid
A Partial Face Plant
The Hotel Burrito
The Smokin' Ski Lift
The Halibut Spotter
The Bulgarian Professor
The Bloated Samora
The Brown Fairy
The Jewish Monkey
Painting the Ranch
The Turd Tail
The Lazy Christian
The 2 Foot Long Propeller Wound
The Brazilian Rancher
Head Wound Vargas
The Red Oak Tap
The Christian Combover
The Gaping Face
Smothering the Goat
The Driving Midget
The Angus Ass Bag
The Ukranian Goat Herder
The Mexican Bishop
The Italian Grinder
The Shower Shock
The Missouri Boot Heel
The Penis Donut
The Kentucky Grandfather
The Iowa Crop Duster
The Subway Themed Package
Snortin' Your Dad
The Nesting Turtle
The Inner Mongolian Herdsman
The Portugese Priest
Messin' With The Fetus
The Tight Iditarod
The Stockholm Epileptic Stud
The Belgian Iguana Shocker
The German Dumper
The Sunni Raccoon
The Left Handed Man Hug
The Hot Bertha
The Fat G.I.
The Flaming Kiome
The Dubai Clap
The Old Guy Ipod
The Dutch Gym
The Articulate Dismount
The Hairy Wife Beater
The Athletic Retard
The English Forked Tongue
The Smoking Penquin
The Indonesian Mud Volcano
The French Fry Sandwich
The South American Rulon Gardner
The Kinky Jew
The Baby Face Finster
The Virgin Pizza
The Fag Spin
The Pinch Hittin' Monkey
The Arching Zorro
Spearing the Bush Baby
The Mr Friendly Beard
A Belly Jesus
The Elkhorn Holio
The Wounded Dolphin
The Mailbu Ball Smoker
The Rising Al Qaeda Insurgency
The Atomic Kitten
The Nigerian Smith
The Kung Fu Priest
The Canine Hat Trick
The San Diego Dolphin Rape
Opening The Dairy Queen
The Dirty Comet
The Saudi Arabian (Hot) Wing
The German Honduran
The Jewish Firehouse
The Arkansas Chunky Salmonella
The Brown Hogan

* Japanese Bullet train 
Oily Potato
South Korean Liquor
Molasses Pipeline

Pismo Beach Grammarian
Harry Cecil

Airborne Nutsalt
British Shoulder
Truckstop Fudge Cycle

Russian Water Park
Dutch King
Live Scrub

The Pink Chin Strap

The Greek Yogurts
Refrigerator Box Car 
Butter Train 
Put the Dog on the Creditcard
Hip Hop Hampster 
Nancy Grace Aerola
Moroccan Cannon
Alabama Lawmaker

Rhode Island Lawmaker

Tripoli Olive Garden
Alabama Lawfirm
  Yodeling Milano

The Rampaging Cow
  The Criminal Probe

The Oil Dumped Shell
The Floating Sabbath

The China Post
  The Flying Castro

The Cheese Frenchie
  The Shovelable Hail

The Alabama Math Teacher
  The Underwater Gusher
  The Kenyan Aunt
  The Unbreakable Dutch Boy
  The Disabled Lawyer

The Jewish Margarita
  The Teenage Burglar

The Icelandic Volcano
The Munchkin Turret
The Munchkin Coroner

The Boise Trash Collector
The Indonesian Teenager
The Outraged Catholic
The Enraged Vegetarian

The Kentucky Republican
  The Chilean Sea Bass
  The Chilean Tsunami
  The Bronze Fonz
  The Muslim Farmer
  The Latvian Illusionist
  The Canadian Cochburn

The Asian Carp Summit
  The Haitian Sunset
  The Mormon Left Hander
  The Screaming Nordigan
  The Haitian Biscuit
  The Brazilian Judge
  The Jewish Loophole
  The Smoking Tweet
  The Fist Sized Octopus
  The Canadian Camel Toe

The Brazilian Blackout
  The Texas Florist
  The Chinese Turbine
  The Indian Soft Shelled Turtle
  The Drunken Ewok
  I Rear Ended A Farm Trailer
  The Pumpkin Lobber
  The Short Nosed Fruit Bat
  The 66 Yr Old Corny
  The Venezuelan Shower
  The Illinois Bus Driver

The Missouri Billionaire
  The Mexican Midget
  The Cross Dressing East Cleveland Mayor
  The Asian Pee Hole
  The Drunken Scooter Ride
  The Ukranian Orphanage
  Grandpa's Finger

The Dutch Harbor
The Angry Groundhog
The Stuttering Rooster
The Cleveland Clinic

The Harry and Pepper
The Reverse Goldilocks
The Daily Brown
The Moroccan Lawyer
The Rusty Staub
The Iranian Sparkler
The Vaginal Vault

The Iranian Harley Raffle
The Two Day Grab Ass
The Ground Nesting Wild Birds
The 30 Car Pile Up
The Brazilian Supreme Court
The Wigless Phil Spector
The Struggling Rancher
The Thai Coroner
The Rusty Sharipova

The Three-Bay
Seeing Eye Poodle
  The Flemish Cap
  The Tight Wad Hill
  The Dutch Vessel
  The Gentleman's Jack
  The Croatian Politician

The Amish Heater
  The Unnamed Admiral
  The Bacon Blow Torch
  The Complex Arrangement Of Pork
  The Indian Cat Fight
  The Old Guy Cenegetics
  The Norman Brown
  The Mini Oil Tanker
  The Used Wheel Barrow
  The Jacked Up Joe Paterno

The Hairy Stonebracker
The Stinky Pete
The Peruvian Farmer
The Brown Russian
The Irish Car Bomb
  The Italian GPS
The Texas Fireball
The Wooster Button Quail
  The Harvard Endowment
  The Arkansas House
The Joliet Jackhammer
  The Standard Poodle
The Arizona Rancher
  The Denying Bishop

The BK Stacker
The Vicky Blazer
The Venezeulian Police Man
The Kenyan Half Brother
The Rented Impala
The Union Stronghold
The Global Gag Rule
The Tiger Trail
The Democratic Donor
The Cuban Embargo
The Golden Coffin
The Portugese Water Dog
The Cockhead Installer 
The Turkish Cargo Ship
The Indonesian Tugboat
The Big Purple Evans
The Bob Corker
Bloody Pistol
The Hand Luggage Search
The Boston Chinaman
The Oseola Cheese Joint
The Nigerian Preacher
The Mexican Rodeo
The Polish Lawmaker
The Unrulely Puerto Rican
The Missouri Professor
The Shirtless Gaston
Flaming McCain
The Virgin Island Rum Maker
The Italian Autobahn
The Nader Magnet
The Farting Hitler
The Italian Laundromat
The Spam Ring
The Iowa Political Science Professor
The Shanghai Composite
The Sun Devil Bumper Hitch
The Wisconsin Syphoner
The Australian Gun Lobbyist
The Bo Weevil
Short American Hopper
The Bust Out Pan Handle
The German Researcher
The Somalian Muslims
The Australian Surfer
The Nazi Coordinater
The Flying Nazi Helmet
The French Judge
The Roman Chucklehut
The Rhode Island Senator
The South Korean Law Maker
The Muslim Meatpacker
The Connecticut Toy Maker
The Hobo Jim
The Silver Asian Carp
The California Farm Worker
The Missouri Rough Sprinkle
The African Health Worker
The Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner
The University of Iowa Professor
The Paraguayan Javelin Thrower
The Belgium Supporter
Chinese Airport
The Indian Stabber
The Polish Missle
The Catholic Hitman
The Iraqi Inside Scoop
The Russian Cargo Plane
The Annie Brown
The Indiana Firefighter
The Sweaty Priest
The Indonesian Boiling Mud Volcano
The Asian Coworker
The Willie Hunta
The Retarded Church Goer
The Israeli Tourist
The Hawaiian Airport
The Transitional Deacon
The Louisiana Toxic Spill
The Gay Chopper Ride
The Branson Bypass
The Liberal Leader
The Chilean Volcano
The Chilean Politician
The Balding Penquin
The Dominican Dirt Cookie
The Brown Miata
The Chinese Lawyer
The Finnish Worker
The Danish Nursing Home
The Haitian Dirt Cookie
The Midwestern Brown Eye
The Wichita Priest
The Two Faced Indian Baby
The Florida Band Teacher
The Gettysburg Sleeping Bag
The Fresno Brown Out
The Sleepy Hobo
The Big Beaver Road
The Kansas Punter
The Santa Fe New Mexican
The Tennessee Governor
The Tommy Finger
The Fleeting C-Bomb
The Barnyard Challenge
The Jello Fortune
The Blind Governor
The Chinese E-mail
The Oregon Urologist
The Dallas Firefighter
The Russian Home Owner
The Wisconsin Cook
The Minnesota Bus Driver
The Michigan Researcher
The Hairy O'Bama
The Oregonian Staff
The Rabid Attacking Squirrel
The Flaming Limbaugh
The Georgia Congressman
24 Cuban Migrants
The Chinese Doctor
The Somali Elder
The Golden Rasberry
The Virginia Smoker
The University Professer
The Florida Mom
The Elderly Maryland Man
The European Easter Bunny
The French Engineer
The One-Legged Mom
The Belgium Waffle
The 1975 Crack Pipe
The Heisman Loophole
The Chinese Superbowl
The Croatian Fisherman
The Florida Fire Chief
The South Florida Grandmother
The Yori Yuri Shim Bun
The Oklahoma Panhandle
The Black Mullet
The Denver White Knuckle
The Nevada Caucus
The Utah Mother
The Duty Belt
The Black Sergeant
The Hairy Callahan
The Larson Ice Shelf
The Power Salad
The Detroit Bus Driver
The Arizona Beauty Queen
The Pulitzer Surprise
The French Press
The Oregon Mudslide
The Old Lady Pill Cutter
The Navy Cruiser
The Sicilian Priest
The Chinese Secretary
The Messy Senator
The Chilean Prostitute
The Pocono Camel
The Nevada Brothel Owner
The Des Moines Mudslide
The Rear Admiral Bone
The Wisconsin Mother
The Ancient Yellowstone Crater
The Boston Priest
The Orbiting Outpost
The Golden Parachute
The Drunken Hazelwood
The Burlington Hawkeye
The Golden Maury
The Somalian Pirate
The Philadelphia Judge
The Drip Torch
The Dutch Magician
The Malibu Castle
The Stuttering Birth Mom
The Louisiana Judge
The London Think Tank
The Hog Hat
The Dirty Headgear
The Hispanic Nurse
The Arkansas Nun
Hurtin' The Dog
The Senior High Helmet
The Fork in the Back Road
The Furry Russian Hat
The Idaho Statesman
The Laptop Poopstand
The Clayton Fletcher
The Tennessee Preacher
The Chinese Miner
The Naked Drywaller
The Old Panamanian General
The Malaysian Doctor
The Sodomy Punch
The Florida Furniture Maker
The Asian Umpire
The Idaho Sausage
The Flinging Chimpanzee
The Bohemian Highway
The Montana Wild Fire
The Squatting Log Thrower
The Apple Copter
Nailing Her In The Vocal Booth
The Kansas Brownback
The Dirty Hut
The Camel Toe Hash
The Nut Ball Box
The Wisconsin Cheese Carver
The Hairy Nelson
The Deep Chilewac
The Dirty Bong
The Teetotallin' Spanish Nun
The Double Guantanamo
The Gambian Rat
The Alcohol Infused Tampon
The Ho Henry
The Crab Slider
The Hard Craig
The Renny Stennitt
The British Wound
The Mummified Llama
The Chinese Spit Bag
The Iranian Mullet
The Mexican Posing Bishop
The Pregnant Midget
The Texas Manhandler
Split The Kitchen
The Mexican Moustache
The Cowboy Zombie
Rocked That Crack
The Plumber Bob
Stuffing The Colon
The Albanian Headmaster
Fisting The Dolphin
The Gaza Cesspool
The Ambian Reach Around
The Bohemian Loophole
The Indiana Warehouse Face
The Australian Muslim Refund
The Asian Carp
The Pudding Hot Tub
The Naked Cuban
Exhuming The Big Bopper
The Guacamole Rider
The Astronaut Dovetail
The Florida Ice Bath
The Chinese Coal Miner
The Canadian Fondu Penis
The Brown Pinto
The Wall Mounted Hand Dryer
The Texas Retractable Dome
The Java Nine Month Eruption
The KFC Rat Taco
The Paris Kinkachu
The Naked Harry Potter
The Wichita Shocker
The Aunt Jemima Aisle
The Hairy Ant Hill
The Hairy Angel Wings
The Folding Jesus
The Mexican Burrowing Python
The Mountain Dew Head
The Bear Hogan
The World Wide Chameleon
The Navajo Windbreaker
The Columbian Clown Shooter
The Tennessee Vice Grip
The Dirty Chameleon
The Cocaine Brownie
Punchin' The Tigger
The Sinful Cheesecake
The Munchkin Paycheck
The Yosemite Sam Mud Flap
The Alabama Phone Harasser
The Fuzzy Squirrel
The Golden Pig
The Sixty Dollar Pinot
Policing the Dixie Chicks
The German Para glider
The Frozen Flying Retard
Burpin' up a Stacker
A Bloody Tiffany
Back Sliding Preacher
The Brownback Office

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