Great Band Names


Great Band Names

* New

* Jousting on Segways

* God's Magnet (Christian Rock)

* Rectal Needle Guides

* Resin Incident

* Stolen sperm

* Lois got pegged

* Tumors on Chemo

Fart Bottle Roulette

Mormon Butt Thongs

6500 Strippers

Anal Republicans

Chubaka Smile

LBJ's Nuts
Hindu diet
Butt Plug Nigal
Andy Reeds Colon
Naked Buttholes
Suicide Tourist
Todd's Third Hole
Angry Bees in Hollow Gourd
Cleopatra Vibrator
Spectacular Sneeze
No Bullets for Maggie
Back Alley Butt Injections
Bread Winning Mothers
Horney Moist House Mom
Cosmic Peanut
Inebriated Legislator
Fluff'n Robert
Dope Lockers
Drink Helmets
Big Chubbies on Floaties
Night Stand Buddy
Prisoner in the Sack
Duct Tape Wallet
Hummus Diversion
Spiking Pancakes
Implantation Discharge
Turkey Riot
Fetal Movement
Thursday Night Dumps
You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dildos and Crotchless Panties
Garner Snake Gang Bang

Chinese Straws
Trunk Dildos
Grandpa Has Abortion Money
Airborne Nutsalt
Bible Thump'n Drunks
Step Cell Pizza
Conservative Dildos
Sweatshirt Backsweat
Seaman on Hornets
Snooker Farts

Double Digit Momma
Speech Team Concussion
Boob Gods

Ten Bullet Limit
Uncertified Toasters
Phony Toasters
Four Cambodian Monks
Air Travel Flatulence
Urine Filled Hallway
Urine Filled Stuff Animals
Talented Potheads
Anne Frank's Cousin
Mass Transsexual Wife Killers
Nipple Distance
Kidnapping Midgets
Deadpool Oversite
Deadly Dingo Attack
Occupational Corps
1 Million Hummers
10,000 Towel Heads
100 Beligerent Santas
100 Genitals
100 Pound Flap Of Skin
100 Pound Testicles
14 Pounds Of Placenta
19 Tonies
2 Knuckles Deep
2 Pumps And A Quiver
2 Retarded Fry Boys
2 Story Tumbleweed
2 Tone Excrement
20 Cans Of Coke, And 2 Packs Of Smokes
200 Pound Slut
26 Blind Masseurers
3 Boy Hickey
3 Charred Monkeys
3 Dead Chimps
3 Inch Madagascar Hissers
3 Ounce Navel
3 Scalawags In A Jon Boat
321 Faggot
4 Centimeter Fetus
4 Gay Storks
4,000 Lesbians
40,000 Mothers
5 Acre Bowl
5 Cloned Puppies
5 Minute Homo
5 Rare Tornadoes
7 Gay Paratroopers
700 Fat Guys
72 Whores
8-Day Erection
86 Nods
89 Grams Of Crack
9 Bored Sea Bees In Kuwait
A Hundred Bobs
A Million Brazilians
A Pile Of Gonorrhea
A Thousand Pairs Of Gay Brothers
A-Rod Stain
Abigail's Manifesto
Abortion Nurses
Accessible Rectum
Accidental Close
Accidental Teabag
Administrative Doobies
Afghan Opium Warlords
Age Of Chubhood
Aggressive Mountain Cows
Aim Your Butthole
Airborne Grape Assault
Airborne Syphilis
Al Qaeda Rehab
Alarming Growth
Albino Rhinos
Albinos On Acid
Alcohol Demons
Alcohol Driven Rumble
Algae Blooms
Alien Jockstrap
Ambian Reach Around
American Pie Counsel
Amish Mongoloid
Anal Barium
Anal Birth
Anal Cleavage
Anal Leakage
Anal Life
Anal Pin Worms
Anal Retread
Anal Standards
Anchor Babies
Anchor Babies
Angry Alaskan Transplant
Angry Boner
Animated And Abusive
Ann Coulter's Penis
Anorexic Trolls
Any Carter's Ass
Arabic Dick Jokes
Armpit Rape
Artificial Dog Testicles
Asbestos Birkenstocks
Ass Cancer
Ass Gasket
Ass Hiccups
Ass Pubes
Ass Smudge
Assault From A Deadly Ass
Bacon Exemption
Bad Denim
Bad Putty
Bagger Retards
Bags of Vomit
Bailing Daddy Out
Ball Peen Dildo
Band-Aids For Black Guys
Bang A Rabbit
Bangin Eleanor Roosevelt
Bangin' The Downy
Bangin' Two 'Tards
Banging Against The Post
Banging Florida
Barack Doilies
Barbituate Coma
Bareback Dinosaur
Barefoot Hilljacks
Barrell Full Of Hookers
Bastard Kings
Bay Area Muslims
Beach Side Hookers
Bean Bag Projectiles
Bear Bile Bullies
Been Swirvin'
Beer Pong Herpes
Beijing Pollution
Benoit's Balls
Benoit's Brain
Betty White's Ham Wallet
Beyond Snogging
Big And Veiny
Big Knuckles Lester
Big Titted Catholic Boys
Bilingual Meatcutters
Biological Zippers
Bipolar Teenagers
Bipolar Yeast Infection
Birth Control Sabotage
Bismarck Titty Bars
Black Market Butt Enhancements
Blissfully Ignorant
Bloated And Gassy
Bloated For Jesus
Blockin' The Meatballs
Bloodless Coup
Bloody Fetus Onesie
Bloody Show
Bloomer Pudding
Blowin' Off Trav
Blowing Dust
Boat Full Of Brothers
Boat Narcs
Bob Woodward 'S Skull
Bobblehead Debacle
Body Farm
Bohemian Autopsy
Bohemian Maid
Bomb Sniffin' Bees
Bomb Sniffing Dogs
Bone Boxes
Bone Donuts
Boner Maker
Boner Misnomer
Bong Hits For Jesus
Bong Kitten
Booby Trapped Batallions
Bootleg Abortion
Bootleggiing Dildos
Bowling For Blow
Boy Butter
British Wounds
Brotherhood Of The Travleing Pants
Brown Iraqi Babies
Brutal Poodle
Bryant Gumbel's Son
Bubonic Prairie Dogs
Bucket Of Bruised Fruit
Bucket Of Urine
Buckwheat Looking Hookers
Buffalo Pedophilia
Bugging Woody
Bugs In Space
Bugs On Sticks
Bum Piss
Bumping Knuckles
Bumpy Latex
Bums Pissing Fire
Bungee Cord Condoms
Burka Trouble
Burnin' Sterno
Burning Couch
Burning Of The Urine
Burning Vas
Burnt Urethra
Burpin' Martinis
Bus Stop Panhandler
Bush Rangers
Busload Of Nuns
Butch Haircut
Butt Douche
Butt Lust
Butt Naked Albinos
Butt Nostrils
Butt Plug Rookie
Butt Plugs For Brad
Butt Spackle
Butt Throat
Butt Ulcers
Butthole Of Guys
Buttsex Escape Club
Caffeine Psychosis
Cage Fighting Drag Queens
Cajun Tacos
Calcified Fetus
Cambodian Midget Fighting League
Camel Toe Hash
Can Bums
Can Jerry Grow A Beard
Canadian Masterbator
Canadian Throats
Carbon Shin
Cartoon Head
Cat Ass Explosion
Catsize Gambian Rat
Certified Ball Squeezer
Cervical Mucus
Chantix Methadone
Charlie Flashback
Chasing Cancer
Cheese Turds
Chewed Frisbee
Chewin' On The Squirrel
Chicken Fetus
Chicken Roids
Chinese Crawdad
Chinese Sex Herbs
Chinese Tornadoes
Chinese Whores
Christ Takes A Whoopin
Chrome Dog
Chuckin' Pee
Church Of The Mandatory Chubber
Cinematic Titties
Circle of Dykes
Circling The Pooch
Clandestine Butt Sex
Claw Dildo
Clean Cut Jesus
Cloned Meat
Cocaine Tango
Cocaine Thanksgiving
Cockpit Altercation
Coke Fueled Lesbians
Collapsed Testicles
Collection Of Uncle Toms
Coma In Barcelona
Company Of Maids
Complex Arrangement Of Pork
Concrete Dalmatians
Confiscated Mushroom Chunks
Conjoined Barnswallows
Consensual Chubbers
Contraband Dildos
Cool Discretion
Corky And The High School Girls
Corn Boner
Cornrows At The Inauguration
Coronal Mass Ejections
Costa Rican Plumbers
Coughin' Chicken
Court Of Nigeria
Cowboy Nipples
Cowboy Retard
Cowboys On Coke
Crabs And Lice
Cracker Devil
Crackheads In The Cemetary At Night
Craftsmen With Wood
Crank Head Homo
Crank Snortin' Buddies
Cranked Up Nazis
Crappy Band
Crazy Bitch Astronaut
Crazy Nut Dungeon
Crazy Women Don't Blink
Crippled Retards With Cancer
Crocs With Socks
Cross Dressing Car Jackers
Crosseyed Free Baser
Crotch Lice
Cuban Bed Sores
Cuban Named Timmy
DNA On The Dog
Damn Near Queer
Daughters Of Beefeaters
Dead Pubes
Deaf Freshmen
Deaf Lesbian
Death By Coke Bottle
Death By Milkshake
Debt Ridden Drunk
Deep Skin Wounds
Defending Your Mom
Demands For Demons
Demoralizing Pupils
Diabetic Dalmations
Diabetic Three Pawed Yorkie
Dick Brown Hat
Dick Skippin' Six
Diddlin' Mylee
Diddlin' The Torso
Diddling Kids
Diesel Dildos
Digital Trim
Dildos Of The Middle Ages
Diplomatic Tools
Diptheria Hoedown
Dirt Road To Persia
Dirty Downloads
Dirty Muslim Feet
Disenfranchised Little White Guys
Dissolving Butt Plugs
Disturbing Membrane
Dividing The Pie
Dog Afterbirth
Dog Crap Slalom
Doggie With The Devil
Doggy Diaphram
Don Knotts In Hell
Don't Buy The Floor Model
Don't Punch The Stripper
Doogie's A Homo
Douchin' Stevie Nicks
Downs Syndrome Iraqis
Drain The Pony
Driving With Stumps
Drug Free Babies
Drunken Rodeo Whore
Drunkin' Monks
Dry Humpin Jeans
Dry Humpin' Scabs
Dumpster Beaver
Dundee Squirrels
Dusting Lenin
Edith Ann Is A Lezzie
Egg On The Taint
Eight Day Gizmo
Eight Gallon Period
Elf Hummer
Embryo Farm
Emerging Contaniments
Enraged Ferret
Epicanthic Fold
Epileptic Diekman
Episcopalian Homos
Excess Labia
Excessive Pubic Hair
Exhuming The Big Bopper
Extortion For The Shitzu
Eye Shadow Monkeys
Eye Shadow Rabbits
F-Bombs After Midnight
FORTY TWO Cambodian Midgets
Facelifts for Shar Pei
Facist Retard
Fag Enablers
Fag Spin
Faggot Rehab
Fags Pimp Judy
Failed Artificial Anus
Fake Outrage
Fallen Amish
False Terribles
Fart With Power
Fat Folds Filled
Fat Hearts
Fat Little Bush
Fat Loaners
Fat Meth Heads
Fatty On A Trampoline
Fecal Bath
Fecal Covered Cocaine
Fecal Eatin' Buddy
Fecal Transplant
Feet Roids
Felonious Whores
Ferry Crash
Fetal Eye Drops
Fetus Boy
Fetus Cheeto
Fetus Puppet
Fetus Stem Cells
Fiance Tea Dough Boy
Field Club Nazis
Final Miner
Find The Vagina
Finger Length Clitori
Fingering The President
Fire Puss
Fishnet Hoes
Fist Fighting Females
Fist Full Of Coal
Fisting Walter
Flamin Retards
Flaming Drips
Flaming Mouse
Fleeting C-Bomb
Flesh Sack
Flippin' Off The President
Floating Feces
Floppy Colon
Flour Boogers
Flying Camel Toe
Follow The Gopher
Foot And A Half Of Fat
Foot Long Penis
Forced Nudity
Foreskin Resection
Former Fetus
Fourteen Mile Pipe
Fowl For Fighting
Fracas At The Waffle House
Freaky Strong Hairlips
Free Range Babies
Freezer Full Of Breast Milk
Freezing The Cornea
French Limit
Fresh Meth Smile
Fresh Porn
Freshly Shorn Jesus
Fridge Full Of Jizz
Fried Foreign Retards
Frog Venom
Frozen Placenta
Fruit Flavored Meth
Frustrated Young Muslims
Fryin' Hooker
Full Erma
Fun Guy With Fatty
Functional Potheads
Funky Winkerbean Experience
Fuzzy Cuffs
Gang Of Urologists
Gang Rape Babies
Gap Servers
Garlic Rubbers
Gathering Of Filipinos
Gay Apes
Gay Bait
Gay Bar Spies
Gay Egg Rollers
Genital Torture
Genitals On Your Face
Genocidal Dreams
Geriatric Gangbang
Gestating Womb
Get-Away Berreta
Giant Moth Rape
Giant Sequoia Pine Cones
Glass Eyed Hooker
Goat Banging Farmers
Goat Meat
Golfcart Rickshaw
Government Peanut Butter
Grabbin' Bass Lips
Grandfather's Dildo
Grandma's Bloody Band-aid
Grandma's Douchbag
Grandpa's Got AIDS
Grease Gun, Scraper Tool, And Trash Bags
Greasy Imprints
Greenhouse Emissions
Grinning Jesus
Growing Fetus
Growing Meat
Guacamole Rider
Gun Show Loophole
Gun Toting Lesbians
Guns For Grandpa
Guns Without ID's
Gutting Mungs
Gwyneth Paltrow's Head
HIV And The Positives
Hacking Karma
Hairy B-Cups
Hairy Thighs
Haitian Devastation
Haitian Health Plan
Ham Wallet
Handful Of Biden
Handful Of Members
Handful of Peter
Handicapped Tailgaters
Harder Stools
Harry Palmer And The 5 Blind Guys
Harvest Of Moms
Haunted Pasties
Hawk Pockets
Head Bitcher
Head Wound Vargas
Helicopter Pedophiles
Heroin Chubber
Heroin Teddy Bear
Heteros For Homos
High 5'n The Retard
High 5'n Young White Guys
High Fivin' Turkey Basters
Hipper Than A Nazi
Hippo Robots
Hippy Sniper
Hodgy Was A Hindu
Homeland Security Head
Homeless Pedophile
Homo Flamingos
Homo Hindu Husker Fan
Homos In A Foxhole
Hooker And A Hunk Of Hash
Hooker On The Bass Baby
Hooker Stampede
Hookers & Gnats
Hookers In A Box
Horde Of Vibrators
Horny Dwarves
Horny Since Thanksgiving
Horny Zombies
Hostile Stare
Hot Blind Chick
House Of Feces
Hummin' Aliens
Humongous Turds
Humpin' The Rug
Humping The Wicker
Hungry, Hungry Crossdressers
Hunks of Jimmy
Hustlers For The Troops
Hydrogen Hummer
Identical Cowboys
Illiterate Homos
Illiterate Peasants
Impotent Sex Offender
Inca Squaws
Incest Babies
Incestuous Hate Mongers
Independent Probe
Indian Ass Cheeks
Indian Chest Protector
Indian With A Flashlight
Innocent Shins
Insuing Probe
Intact Hymen
Intervenous Snack
Intestinal Mobility
Irish Sperm
Islandic Band Pudding
Itchy Foreskin
Itchy Taint
Jacked Up Chinamen
Jailhouse Pen Pal
Japanese Dilberts
Japanese Gymnast
Jerry Loves The X
Jesus Rode A Dinosaur
Jesus Without A Tan Line
Jew Loophole
Jewish Potheads
Jews For Jesus
John Woodson's Leg
Johnny #5 And The Water Cannon
Jolly Rancher Detention
Junkies On Bourbon Street
Just The Tip
Just West Of Mecca
Katie Got A Haircut
Katie's Colon
Ken Doll Smoothie
Kenyan's Dropping A Deuce
Khadijah's Va-Jay Jay
Kissing Captain Picard
Knuckle Children
Knuckle Rubber
Knuckle Valley
Knucklin' Bill
Knucklin' Intestine
Korean Camel Toe
Krackin' Ho's
L. Ron's Frozen Sperm
LT's Condom
Lactating Pelosi
Lactose Intolerant Pussies
Ladies Of Age
Laotion Rednecks
Lap Top Poncho
Laptop Afghans
Laptop Ponchos
Lasagna Squats
Layer Of Sentiments
Layin' In Anus
Lazy Baby
Lazy Bottom Dwellers
Lazy Eye Nipples
Lazy Nipple
Lead Based Dildos
Lead Yard Retards
Lesbian Kidneys
Lesbian Misconception
Letters From Pedophiles
Lezzies In Line
Licking Wrinkles
Life Of Mice
Limp And Happy
Limp Tiger
Lindsay Lohan Labia


* Splattered Bunny

* Nut dust

* Dogs have shoulders

* Bin of Fleshlights

* Violent Boobs

* Bending Spooge

Spurts Of Coolness

Barbara Walter's Bean

Urine Relate Damage

Scrotal Loathing

Stone Pelting Mob

Heat Resistant Beans

Jenny Garth Project
Hefty Lesbos
Drug Fog Drivers
Strip mall throat surgery
Nine Japanese p0rn stars
Oversized Mulatto
Fat Finger Blunder
Thrashing Mammal 
Random Abortion 
Panic in the Casino
Goat Yogurt
Knife Point Rape Baby
Corn Hole Glory
Second Floor Squirrels
Arm Fat Waste Basket
Bergan County Bomb Squad
Chicago Sperm Bank
High School Girls in Hot Tubs
Masturbating Mayors
Rocket Resedue
Comfort Goat
Golfing on Crack
Sharks in Yard
Nine Pound Dildo
More Pills for Todd
Jamming Garage Doors
Siamese Squirrels
Urination and Sons
Abandoned Dog Poop
Dormant Hair Cells
Distant Vagina
Four Hairy Ones
Chicken Diapers
Six Brown Names
Trio Thieves
Parade of Stomas
Daddy's Strapon
Cow God
Amanda Bines Bong
 Google Pegging
Arm Fat Waste Basket
Permanently Air Sick
Eating Janet
Engineered Kidneys
Private Club Loophole
High Republicans
Back Access
Bing Bag Shotgun
One Side Boob Effect
Nine Mile Nipple
Hobo Face
Crooked Dink
Yoder Stank
Butt Plug Riot
Uranus Breeze
Smiling Unibomber
Lindsay Vonn's Shin
Lion Black Strippers
Litany Of Losers
Little Boy Rehab
Little Fat Boy Chubbers
Little Gym Bags Full Of Pot
Little Lesbo
Little Midget Boobs
Little Tuggers
Lodged In Fat
Love Molecule
Low Key Lesbain Moms
Low Wage Hispanics
Lower Back Swabs
Lower Than Scum
Lt. Dan's New Year's Eve Party
Lucky Douchebag
Lunch For Girls
Lunch Titty Crowd
Lupe' Izzo
M.I.L.F.S. On Prozac
Maggot Snack
Mambo Lips
Man Boob Light Pole
Man Sized Penguin
Massive Gas
Mean Babies
Meat Condom
Meat Cookies
Medievil Pedophile
Medium Side Of Soft Core Porn
Messin With The Fetus
Meth Eating Toddler
Meth Filled Cheetos Incident
Meth In A Casket
Meth Mouth
Meth On A Door Knob
Meth Snorting Homo
Meth Using Mothers
Mexican Border Fence
Mexican Excuse
Michael Vick's Puppy Farm
Michigan Sheep Rape
Middle School Wife
Midget Genocide
Midget Moustache
Midget Philosopher
Midget Prison Break
Milking The Taper
Miraculous Nature Of The Holy Truth
Missing Meat
Missles Of Ass Destruction
Missles Of Destruction
Moaning For Hitler
Moaning For Kennedy
Moderate Necks
Modern Day Man-Whore
Modern Day Slaves
Modern Homos
Modern Polygamists
Mommy Porn
Mongolian Dust Storm
Mongoloid Osborne
Monkey Phobe
Monkey Poop Burns
Montana Meth Project
More Than Dusty
Mormom Strange
Morons On Whiskey
Morons With Keyboards
Motivating Locals
Mouse Sphincters
Mouth Babies
Mouth Virgins
Mozart's Boner
Mucus Plug
Mud Eatin' Hindu
Mullet Hair Line
Multi-Generation Pedophilia (MGP)
Mumbai Mafia
Mushroom Laden S'Mores
Muslim Anal Search
Muslim Jammies
Myspace Hitman
Mystic Dwarfs
Naked Alcoholics
Naked Bus Stop
Naked Crackheads
Naked Perpetrator
Naked Potato Fight
Navel 2 Anus
Nazi Orgy
Neck Roots
Neil In The Dust
New England Leather Alliance
Nipple Donor
Nips In The Wind
Nixon's Ball Wax
No Park For Ernie
No Pubes In The Habitrail
Nomadic Herdsman
Norwegian Scabies
Norwegian Strippers
Nut Jelly
Nut Tuck
Nympho Nannies
Obese Wop
Off Set Nuts
Offshore Drilling Band
Oil Nazis
Oil Tit
Old Guy Nipples
Old Lady Threesome
Old Pancake Aereolas
Omaha Packing Company
One Ball Nazi
One Legged Stigma
One Swollen Eye
Only Available Vagina
Ookies Buddies
Oozing Jesus
Oprah's Vagina
Optical Tweezers
Oral Defect
Oral Flora
Oral Monogamy
Oral Storks
Ordinary Afghan
Organ In A Mayonaise Jar
Organ Meat
Ornamental Anus
Ornamental Genitalia
Out Of Wedlock Babies
Outbreak Of Herpes
Outlaw Sodomy
Overnight Gas
Overweight Loner
Ozark Ollie And The Shadow People
Pack Of Bongs
Pack Of Jelly Donuts
Pack Of Papparazi
Pack Of Plump Redheads
Padlocked Sack
Pair Of Probes
Pallets of Limes
Palm Full Of Almonds
Pancake Trouble
Panic Attack In The Superbowl
Papio Wiccans
Papua, New Guinea
Parasidic Twin
Paris Hilton Autopsy
Pass The Rat
Peaking Hormones
Peanut Butter Incident
Pedophile Panda
Pedophile Potential
Pelosi's Rag
Pendulous Balls
Penguin Poo
Penis Goo
Permanently Disabled Jockeys
Pets Across Mexico
Phag Lovin' Woman
Phagasite Penetration
Phantom Boner
Phantom Erection
Phantom Penis Pains
Photos Of The Wolf
Pickin' On The Midge
Piercing Retards
Pig Faced Bag Of Rat Guts
Pig Needs
Pig Waste
Pigs Out Of China
Pimpin' Priest
Pirate Syphillis
Pissing Bile
Placebo Rager
Plucking The Porno
Plunger Butthole
Pocket Full Of Whores
Pocket Guacamole
Pockets Of Panama
Pokin' The Nanny
Polar Bear Strap On
Political Neosporin
Pomegrante Chunks
Poodle Burger
Poop Covered Retard
Poopin' Metal
Poorly Cooked Fish
Pork Steroids
Porn Hog
Posing For Jesus
Post Office Prodigy
Poundin' Seals
Pounding Rudolph
Praying For Pubes
Preaning Douchebags
Predatory Congressmen
Pretend Cuban
Priest Blockers
Prolapsed Uterus
Prosecuting Retards
Pube Tree
Pubes Of Yoko
Pumping Jesus
Pup Tent Killer
Puppy Rehab
Purple Buddies
Purse Full Of Poop
Pussy Falsetto
Pussy Whipped Penguins
Quiet Macgyver
Qur'an Burning Confusion
Racist Grandma
Radioactive Pussy
Raging Blood Infection
Rancid Burps
Random Benson Pussy
Random Mexicans
Random Size Testes
Random Vaginas
Randy Dolphin
Rape Babies
Rape Baby
Rapin' Dolphins
Rat Fetuses
Rats Of 6th Avenue
Razor Bump
Reasonable Rehab
Reasonably Priced Hookers In Cuba
Receding Beard
Rectal Tumor
Rectal Vault
Red Eye Stink Finger
Reeboks And Gravy
Reflective Bum Gear
Reflex Of The Bladder
Reflux Of Urine
Refund From A Hooker
Reminiscent Of Fish
Repetitive Trauma
Reservoir Of Tears
Residual Labia
Residue Of Blow
Restless Cramp Syndrome
Retarded Ball Knobber Babies
Retarded Rodeo
Retarded Schwarzenegger
Retards At A Wedding
Retards Of Your Generation
Return The Afterbirth
Revenue Drainers
Revoke The Reptile
Rifling Through The Pantry
Right Behind Uranus
Ripples Of Doubt
Rising Rates Of Anal
Road Bike Whores
Robot Jockeys
Rock Of Meth
Rocked Up Hooker Faces
Rod Iron Eagles
Roethlisberger's Scrotum
Ron Santo's Shins
Roy Orbison's Ass
Rubbin' Lester
Rules For Riding Your Buddy
Sack Shavin'
Saddam In A Cage
Sagging Skin
Salty Bonus
Salvage The Limb
Sandbag Levy's
Saran Wrap Lesbians
Satan's Minions
Saucer Aereolas
Scissor Of Dykes
Scotch Tape In A Vacuum
Scotty's Ashes
Screaming Panties
Scrotal Inflation
Scrotal Labotomy
Scrotal Vengence
Scrubbin' The Folds
Scrunchie For The Face
Seal Beaters
Seaman On The Wall
Seman Stunt
Semen Breathalyzer
Semen Mule
Senile Sperm
Separate Piles Of Semen
Serious Taint
Seven Foot Fecal Wall
Seven Foot Rat Ass
Seven Pound Chihuaha
Shadow Of A Bone
Shadow Rats
Shaved Lamb
Sheep Enclosure
Shindler's Kids
Short Gray Mullets
Shrunkin Little Midget Balls
Shuffling Retards
Sideways Corduroys
Significant Mole
Significant Wound
Single Digit Liberal
Skeet Shooting Pit Bulls
Sketching Embryos
Skin Cones
Skin Mice
Skin Sheds
Slave To The Cable
Sleeping Puppies
Sleeping With A Skeleton
Smacking Heidi
Smiling Bob And The Stiff Knights
Smokeout The Mom
Smokin' The Dildo
Smugglin' Wolf
Snakes In The Ass
Sneezin' Chicken
Sniff The Cork
Sniff The Model
Sniffing For Cell Phones
Soccer Mom Hookers
Sodomy Writers
Solar Urine Machine
Sons Of The Soil
Sorting Dildos
Southern Aids Coalition
Space Birds
Space Lint
Space Walking Astronauts
Space Workin' Tools
Spanish Tourets
Spawn Of Craig
Spawn Of Jaba
Sperm Bank Takeover
Sperm Sharing Overlap
Sperm Sniffing Dogs
Sperm Trains
Sphinctor Reconstruction
Spike And Syphilis
Spit Sacks
Spontaneous Bloody Noses
Spoonin' Indians
Spread For Cheney
Sprouting A Labia
Sprouting Vaginas
Spun Out Sperm
Spy Pigeons
Stabbing In Progress
Standing in Feces
Stank Trap
Stategic Leeking
Stick On Goatee
Sticktime For Deafies
Sticky Broken Coal Cars
Stiff City
Stink Finger For Christ
Stink Finger In The Trailer
Stinky Ejaculate
Stinky Stevie Nicks
Stitchin' Webster
Stolen Jesi
Stone Age Adoption
Stone Baby
Stone Throwing Demonstrators
Stoned Carnies
Stoned Carny
Stoned Insensitive Pricks
Storm Of Thugs
Strangling Mistress
Strap In Goober
Strap On Camel Toe
Strategic Doodles
Stroke Man
Stubble Wolf
Stuffing The Colon
Stump Blisters
Stump(S) With Aids
Stunning The Sperm
Stunt Butts
Stunt Cooches
Suckin' Uncle
Sucky Jugglers
Suicide Downies
Suicide Semen Sample
Sulfur Haze
Sunni Raccoon
Surrender Monkeys
Susan Lucci's Tampon
Suspiciously Brown
Swallowing Goldfish
Sweat Socks And Salsa
Sweatshirt Hookers
Swinging Catheter
Sygmoid Colon
Syndrome Of The Nose
Syphlitic Penis In Jars
T.O.'S Junk
Taint Gone Bad
Taint Graphs
Taint Mirror
Taint Paste
Takin' It From The Horse
Tampon Technology
Tan Stools
Tap Water Enemas
Taste Of Girth
Tasty Bong Water
Ted Haggert's Boyfriend
Teetotallin' Spanish Nuns
Terrorist Shepard
Testicle Seed
Testicular Torsion
Texas Death Chamber
The 93 Year Old Goat Milkers
The Adivan Pushers
The Alabama Judge
The Allergy Dogs
The Anchor Babies
The Animated Flames
The Asian Carp Summit
The Asian Pee Hole
The Ass Nerves
The Bald Eagle
The Barbados Negros
The Bastard Super Model Babies
The Bedoin Farmers
The Belt Nipples
The Big Border Fence
The Blood Wagon
The Bloody Frustraters
The Bloody Lexus Floor Mats
The Blue Haired Dad With The Colostomy Bag
The Brazilian Rubber Tappers
The Brazilian Transvestites
The Brigham Young Foreskin
The Brown Eye Boys
The Brown Russian
The Bulimic Pigs
The Bush Plates
The Butthole Capacity
The Clown's Nuts
The Cold Water Creek Packages
The Colon of Mice
The Corpse Baby
The Crazy Ron Pauls
The Cuban 5
The Dangling Gondolas
The Dirty Restrooms
The Distressed Mothers
The Dodo Birds
The Drug Wrinkles
The Druggie Homo
The Duke Dads
The Dumb Kramers
The Dutch Inventors
The Dwarf Can Bitch
The Dwindling Christians
The Earthquake Orphans
The Educated Lonnies
The Ermey Ratzenberger Project
The Face Recipients
The Feminine Storks
The Flamin' Hispanics
The Flaming Lawnmowers
The Flesh Wounds
The Foe Klingons
The Four Probes
The HIV Scabs
The Hair
The Hairy Stonebracker
The Haitian Dirt Cookie
The Holocaust Denying Bishop
The Idiot Shirpas
The Immaculate Uterus
The Inaugeral Faggots
The Incest Dogs
The Infected Mosquitoes
The Irish Car Bomb
The Italian GPS
The Jesus Curtain
The Leash Incident
The Low Hangers
The Malaysian Farmers
The Mandingo Experiance
The Mash Tanks
The Masturbating Baggage Handlers
The Mexican Homos
The Minority Farmers
The Navy Sailors
The Nelson Muntz Controversary
The New Hispanics
The New York Merchants
The Old German Bitch
The Peach Blunts
The Peruvian Farmer
The Pink Pencil
The Poll Deputies
The Pope's Ass
The Pope's Brother
The Puckered Up Buttholes
The Puggles
The Punching Russian
The Pyramid Of Therapy
The Rain Swollen Red River
The Red Hot Poontangs
The Rim Stamps
The Rude Monkees
The Scrolling Cliff Notes
The Second Anus
The Settlement Chicks
The Shadow Crabs
The Shady Idiots
The Skin Tags
The Smokin' Nipples
The Snitchin' Masterbator
The Sopping Milfs
The Speech Team Sluts
The Spent Hens
The Sperm Bank Kids
The Steamer Boys
The Stinky Pete
The Strokes
The Subway Themed Package
The Sweet Swayzes
The Swords Of Truth
The Taco Doctors
The Teenage Sons Of Calvin Coolidge
The Tristers
The Tube Daddies
The Tunesian Pilot
The Va Jay Jay
The Waxed Tipped Bottle
The Western Boobs
The Woodbillies
Three Mystic Dwarves
Three Pakastani Men
Three Pawed Yorkie
Throat Flap
Thunder Snow
Thurman Munson's Kid
Tiki Barber's Head
Tiny German Bologna
Tittie Bar Controversy
Todd's Steroid Finger
Toilet Cloggin' Grumpies
Toilet Merlot
Too Fat For Pants
Topeka Nudist Camp
Torn Urethera
Torsion Of The Testes
Torso In The Fridge
Tough Talking Towel Heads
Towelheads And A Truck
Toxic Oysters
Toxic Secretions
Transgender Siberian Orchestra
Transgendered Thai Monks
Trauma To The Hip
Travelin' Lumberjacks
Treadmills For Pit Bulls
Trousers In Public
Truck Full Of Ovulating Strippers
Truckload Of Cows
Truckstop Knicknacks
Trunk Full Of Hookers
Tub Of Almonds
Tube Sock Boobies
Tunnelling Ferrets
Turd Beanbag
Two Beer Lesbian
Two Honduran Sisters
Two Story Scab
Uncovered Meat
Underage Lesbo
Underground Cock Fight
Undocumented Rockers
Unexpected Anal
Unfunny Comedic Dykes
Unhealable Pain
Uninhibited Mom
Uninvited Uncle
Unlawful Discharge
Unregulated Sperm Bank
Uranus Overload
Urologist Collusion
Vagina Bear Trap
Vaginal Carwash
Vaginal Saran Wrap
Vaginal Vault
Vagisil Dosedown
Van Of Brothers
Vanilla Butt
Various Orifi
Venetian Water Police
Vibrator In The Nightstand
Victimized Fat Chicks
Visible Coke
Wandering Patients
Wart Virus
Water Head Controversy
Waterhead Boys
Web Cam Girls
Weiner Swab
Well Trained Orphans
Whacking Hoffa
Whale Fetus
When Her Name Was Wally
Whiffin' Two Balls
White Guys Roofing
White Trash Hammock
White Trash Hero
White Trash Homo
Whoppers For Life
Wi-Fi Wet Spot
Wide Hip Girls
Wolf Urine
Wombat Reach Around
Woodpecker Headache
Working The Bucket
Wounded Fetus
Wranglin' Crocs
Yahtzee For Crank
Yeti In The Freezer
Young Pot Seedlings


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