Craig's Deal Pool Tips and Tricks

Now, unlike Craig, I celebrate my ghoulishness. I think it is a lot more respectable than, say, local football fan. Death pool participants aren't expected to dress like either clones or clowns. In the death pool season, every death REALLY DOES count. And unlike the arbitrariness of the BCS, the death pool has hard and fast rankings backed by rational rules and a real commissioner. So I consider the death pool a much superior competition.

In fact, my goal each and every season is to outperform the Cornhuskers in the final rankings. 

So I'd like to urge all your listeners to join the fun. Craig always keeps his tactical approach close to the vest, but for all you prospective first-timers, I'll throw out some basic suggestions:

1. Liver and pancreatic cancer are horrible, horrible diseases (but high yield for hits).

2. Stay away from stroke victims (except when they are black and relatively young) and ALS victims (at least for the first three years after diagnosis).

3. If the celebrity is over eighty and shows up on 80% of the top ten lists in the past two years of the contest - that's known as a defensive pick.

And finally, Ariel Sharon will outlive your children.

So get to work, rookies. 

love and sympathy,
Playmates for Jesus

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