Petey Mac

Petey Mac was born in the Midwest. Growing up in a conservative household, Petey wanted to experience the world. At the age of 17 Petey left home to seek answers to many questions.

Traveling the country, Petey visited college after college and party after party.  While he was at CU he discovered his love for bar tending and he became the official assistant bar tender for the local chapter of Lambda Lambda Lambda.

One Thursday morning while walking to the store to purchase little umbrellas for that night’s party, Petey was pulled out of the way of a run-away pony at the last moment.  As the dust cleared he looked up, shook the hand of his savior and asked his name.  The man replied, “John Elway”.  At that point, Petey said that he would always be a Denver Bronco fan.

It wasn’t until Petey watched his first Broncos game that he realized that John Elway is not an African American and the man that saved him was not John Elway of the Denver Broncos.

Petey continued to watch the game and that is where his love of sports was born.  Until he finds a better team, he calls himself a Broncos fan to this day.

That next spring Petey traveled to
Empire City searching for the perfect Bloody Mary recipe.  After weeks of searching and tasting local recipes, Petey knew the only way to make a perfect Bloody Mary was to use the best ingredients and started growing his own vegetables.  He hasn’t created the perfect recipe yet, but on a good day he can give you a huge cucumber.

Petey’s other interest: Golf, drinking, and long quiet walks.



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