Craig Evans

Craig was born somewhere in Oklahoma; though exactly is unknown.  He was adopted at a young age by a simple preacher and his wife.  Craig grew up in a religious household deep in the Bible belt of Arkansas. While he was still in high school, his parents whisked him away to Lincoln, NE, right in the heart of Husker country. 

Craig’s first job in radio was errand boy to surly old hippie who spun Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin tunes from 12-1 every day.  Craig met Todd and Tyler in August of 1993, and unsuccessfully tried to steal Todd away from Tyler.  Even though he couldn’t steal Todd’s heart, he did however make quite an impression on the guys with his unusual voice.  Thus News guy Craig was born. Not long after joining the show though, the suits fired him for insubordination for not keeping his desk clean or something stupid like that. 
Rumors had it that Craig became a merchant sailor on a trawler in the South Pacific.  Many years later, they found Craig at a Pepsi plant, taste testing diet pop, and brought him back into the fold of the Todd and Tyler show, reunited once again.






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