Jackson Browne has revealed that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer told Rolling Stone he immediately sought out testing when he developed a cough and started running a fever. He did test positive, but he downplayed the severity of his illness. “My symptoms are really pretty mild, so I don’t require any kind of medication and certainly not hospitalization or anything like that,” Browne said.

The 71-year-old rocker said he is speaking publicly about his diagnosis so that everyone should remember to stay at home just like he is, whether they have symptoms or not. “So many people that have it aren’t going to be tested,” he said. “They don’t have symptoms, but they might have it and might be able to pass it on. That’s what younger readers need to understand: They need to take part in the global response to stop the spread. That means not going anywhere, not getting into contact with anybody, not seeing anybody.”

Musician Jackson Browne Tests Positive For Coronavirus & Urges Everyone To Take The Pandemic Seriously

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